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Hello! my name is Dominique and this my artblog.

My Ocad self-portrait for the face2face postcard event :)  

made a cubone venusaur fusion! I decided to put a corpse flower instead of the normal venusaur tree because the fusion sprite just gave me a rotting plant sort of vibe and the flower seemed to fit 

Drew an old character of mine! (its transparent) 

Haven’t had any time to make any serious art pieces because of school, so here is some of my photography work that’s for an assignment about depth of field and angles.     

Another king Lear animal imagery illustration  

Art from portfolio symbolizing confinement

An assignment for english we had to illustrate a scene from king Lear that talked about animal imagery

"Come not between the dragon and his wrath." (I, i, 124)

uytrewnv I haven’t been posting enough art so I drew a dragon

16th January 2014
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by Arctic Monkeys
from Favourite Worst Nightmare
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in my imagination you’re waiting lying on your side
with your hands between your thighs

505 - Arctic Monkeys

Art from two years ago. It was a school assignment we had to choose a letter and make an illustration for a children’s alphabet book then make the illustration into a lineal block print.